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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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Still, can you think of a better way?
Yeah, and I've mentioned it multiple times.

Don't support it financially if it doesn't meet your personal standards on the treatment of women.

But here's my problem, you're trying to fight a battle without a frame of reference. You're not a woman, you haven't been through what women have had to go through and it shows here. Badly. You're trying to fix a problem that all the women I know in the real world and most who are here don't think exists with this particular film.

You seem to be waaaayyyyy off base and don't either seem to realize it or don't care.
Lol - but you haven't proposed a solution to the problem - you are simply saying that I should make it a red line never to watch any TV or movie that I think is sexist? I'd watch about one movie every 3 years. Where would civil rights be if that was the solution that had been proposed? 'Black people I know are happy without the vote and if others don't like it they can leave the country?' Yes it was more extreme situation but the sexism of the Hollywood machine overall is still very evident to me and a lot of other people. There just isn't much of an alternative so we have to improve what we have.

You may know no women who find this to be an issue. I know women who DO find it to be an issue. I've also read several articles recently by other women who find it to be an issue. I've read comments from men who find it to be an issue.

I may be way off base but the position I've taken is after reading several articles that have provided statistics highlighting the problem that I ave myself observed. I have yet to read any article claiming there isn't a problem but I am willing to do so if you can find me one. Just because you don't find it to be an issue that you or your circle cares about doesn't mean it isn't an issue or that it isn't something that we should strive to improve.

I'm not a woman. I'm not part of an 'ethnic minority'. I am gay but does that give me special insight about inequality? Not in my opinion - the issue at hand doesn't discriminate against gay actors because they can play straight characters. Actresses on the other hand will rarely be cast as male characters. If I see women or ethnic minorities or homosexuals voicing a grievance and I think it has merit, I'll stand up for them in the same way that you are standing against them because you feel their grievance has no merit.

It's interesting to debate the two sides though.
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