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Re: NBA 2012-13 Discussion

Well, not the biggest surprise in the world last night. Two evenly matched teams are not going to win/lose 3 in a row against each other. Thus the conundrum of the 2-3-2 continues.

Looks like it's going 7, which means LeBron is going to get his second ring, and Wade's third. Spurs will need to win 2 in a row (or win a game 7 in the Finals on the road against the defending champs). I just read a stat that Miami has not lost 2 in a row since January (and the Heat are not about to cough up a game 7 in the Finals at home).

Although before game 4 I had been thinking that the Spurs would win game 5, and the Heat would win 6 and 7, after watching game 4, I'm not so sure about who is going to win game 5. Regardless, Heat will raise it's third banner.

Spurs really lost their chance to win it last night. Barring a miracle, they're done.
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