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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness - SPOILERS!!!

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I saw STiD in 3D IMAX and the glasses they gave me fit comfortably over my own. The last time i saw a 3D movie was Avatar and the 3D glasses were so uncomfortable.
The movie was better in IMAX 3D, IMHO.

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I don't get why the super blood isn't already in use.
It will be, don't you worry about that-most likely synthesized by McCoy and a certain doctor into a cure-all drug similar to cordrazine. The Federation would be stupid for letting a drug derived from blood like that go to waste, just because of the people that precipitated the tragedy in the movie.
But it's not a miracle new thing, it's an old technology that's been banned on Earth for 300 years. McCoy's lucky they didn't send him to jail like they did Bashir's parents in Deep Space Nine.
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