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Re: The abundance of ideas for a new trek show.

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I'd hope instead of doing a reboot of TNG or a reboot of TOS's reboot, they'd just come up with something original set in the Trek universe. Give us something we haven't seen before instead of just a facelift on something we have.
Unfortunately there has to be a connection with the audience, and I don't think most casual audience members would care about stuff elsewhere in the Trek universe.
That didn't stop them from doing DS9 and VOY, both of which were spinoffs of TNG. Indeed, the very nature of a TV spinoff is the doing of stuff elsewhere in an already established universe or setting. In fact, two of CBS' top-rated current shows--NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles--are spinoffs of the earlier TV series, JAG.
Think of it this way: do you think a movie about another double-0 agent in the Bond universe could be viable in the same way as the 007 movies are, and do you think MGM wuold take that chance ?
As with all movies, it depends on the pitch and whether it appeals to the studio heads. If it's one that they like and feel can expand the franchise, yeah, they'll go for it. But I think in such a situation, the point will be made that the character isn't James Bond and will concentrate on an aspect of his universe that has rarely been seen.
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