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Humor in STID (spoilers if you haven't seen it, yet)

Humor within the story is a big part of all good "Star Trek". There was plenty in STID. What were the best lines? Which moments didn't work that well? Anything better than "I like this ship! Y'know. It's exciting!"

I liked two moments in particular.

-- This bit was neat because it involved Khan. Kirk and Khan are in the airlock waiting to be shot out into space. Scotty tells Kirk that what they're about to try is going to be "like jumping out of a moving car, off a bridge, and into your shotglass." Kirk responds rather dryly that he's done that before and looks at Khan. Khan gives him a WTF look, and Kirk tries to explain himself. The stare Khan/Cumberbatch gives Kirk as Kirk goes from conversational to embarrassed to finally realizing he should just shut up is great.

-- Kirk ordering McCoy to stop the metaphors was also very nice. An homage to when McCoy would finally go too far and Kirk snaps at him.
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