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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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And not at all remarkably, that score is having no effect on the film's success whatever.

Sources tell BoxOffice that Man of Steel is on pace for at least $45 million on Friday. The final Friday figure will likely end up closer to $50 million, which means that Man of Steel's first weekend in North America could bring in $120 million or more.

WB clearly decided to hinder expectations by saying that the film would end up in the $90 million range this weekend. The recent announcement that a sequel is already moving forward shows that they knew they had a massive film on their hands. The global potential of Man of Steel is massive. Keep in mind that the much-maligned Superman Returns made nearly $400 million globally back in 2006. A true crowd-pleaser like Man of Steel could end up doubling that sum.

Man of Steel may become of the biggest examples of a critic-proof film in quite some time. The superhero flick currently has a mediocre 58% approval rating on Audiences around the country are clearly shrugging off the critical consensus.
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