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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion


I actually enjoyed the intent behind Cavill's Superman - his struggle to find his place in the world gives his nearly-invincible physical nature a vulnerable emotional one. And the brushstrokes of character that touched on that were some of the film's best parts. It was likewise good to see the awesome results of two (or three) god-like entities battling it out. But overall the emphasis skews way too much toward the action for the rest characters to gain a whole lot of traction or for the film to really connect on an emotional level (an exception: the scenes with Clark's father).

Even all that is excusable because, for the most part, the film is simply gorgeous to look at and its 'splosions are lot of fun. With one exception. The mass slaughter inside Metropolis (and presumably in the South Indian Ocean) goes wholly unacknowledged by ... well, by anyone, really. People are upset at how Superman defeats Zod ... but I think Superman's lack of awareness about the collateral damage of the conflict is what really undercuts his character and the film because the whole film was about him choosing to save people. Even a throwaway line or an attempt to get Zod and the Henchwoman to engage him in, say, the fields of Kansas, rather than in a town square would have made a big difference. Sure, he kills Zod to save a family - but what of all the other victims?

I still liked the film, enjoyed Cavill's performance, and will plan on seeing it again. I think I'll hold off on a final grade until I do.
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