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Re: J.J. Abrams enters The Twilight Zone

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Please keep up. The original Kirk said explicitly "make it possible." That is, "could." We saw what the new Kirk did, which is guarantee he "would." Aside from the lunacy of rewriting English so that "could" and "would" are synonyms, your only chance to defend your position is to hold that the original Kirk's narration was unreliable. This is still a forced interpretation. And one that so far as I know never occurred to anyone before they needed to defend the scene in the new movie.
It's hard to keep up with lunacy, but I'll try.

"Make it possible". So, a "possible" way to win is to program the simulation so the Klingon ships drop their shields? Would that work? Yes. Could it work? yes again. The only one reading into originalKirk's narration is you.
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