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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

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I think the reviews are pretty spot on from what I've read, style over substance and impressive fight scenes which make the movie watchable. The rest was complete pap.

A superhero movie.
Pretty much, it doesn't really have that factor which elevates though like Iron Man or Batman. It's just action schlock, Batman Begins wasn't a great movie because Batman beat up Liam Neeson and some thugs, it was a tiny part of the movie. It was a great new origin story we hadn't seen on film, beautifully crafted and shot, while being a deep focus on the character and motivation of Bruce Wayne.

This movie just seems to rely entirely on the action scenes, apart from that, the only scene I really connected with emotionally was the scenes with his Mom when he returns home. Pa Kent was kinda a dick and a dumbass. Just very disappointed overall, and I went in with no expectations.
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