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Re: Do you ignore the "new" Star Trek?

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Star Trek WAS originally aimed at adults.

It was picked up by kids (like me, Generation X) in reruns.
The figures didn't come along until 1975, but Gold Key began publishing Star Trek comic books (which the Parachuting Spock box borrows art from) in 1967. They were most definitely not aimed at adults.

Trek was a family show.
I wouldn't call it a family show, but there were elements that as a kid I liked. ( fights, spaceships, aliens) GR intent was to do a SF spin on Adult Westerns ( Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Have Gun Will Travel) and "free" the genre from the kiddieland ghetto.
I wonder: has anyone ever gotten hooked on Trek as an adult, or did we all catch the bug when we were kids?

I was probably seven when I first caught "Mantrap" on NBC. Been a Trekkie ever since . . ..
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