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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Most of these critics are in love with kitchen-sink flicks from Sundance Film Festival and England, that's why. Check out the reviews in the entertainment section of tomorrow's paper (The New York Times and any major daily in any big city-the print editions, mind you) and you'll see four and five stars, sometimes even ten, given out to every foreign movie and independent American flick by people like Todd Solenz, Judd Apatow, Paul Thomas Anderson, and anybody else who comes out of and has had movies screened/premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and whose movies appear on the Sundance Channel and IFC. To them, superheroes suck or are anti-intellectual, or the movies aren't that good (with a few exceptions.) I really have nothing against those movies or the directors that make them (I loved The Master from last year), but I think that these critics are in love with those movies (and foreign films) way too much.
Well to be fair, they have liked quite a few superhero films in the past (Donner's Superman, Raimi's Spider-Man, Iron Man, etc). I think they just have an expectation that these movies should all be fun and comic booky like the comic books of the 60s that they probably grew up with.

True the Nolan movies took themselves very seriously, but those were almost more like crime dramas than superhero movies, so I'm not sure you can really include those in the equation.
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