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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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So what do you want? Do you want numbers or substance? Do you want them to bring back Rand to take over for Cupcake even though he wasn't a well fleshed out character other than raging douchebag? And why wouldn't you want her as department head? Why keep her as just a yeoman?

Because I've been following this and I have no idea what you want other than to make a big stink and create a conflict where none exists.
In a genre like Star Trek, if you have numbers you end up having substance. It will self correct.

I'm happy with Rand being a yeoman instead of a department head head because there is absolutely no need for her to be a department head to contribute. This is distinct from Chapel whose role would be subsumed by McCoy as a nurse.

In fact, Rand is more likely to get air time as Kirk's yeoman than she would as a department head or plain security guard because she needs no in-story excuse to be in his orbit. Apart from Spock, McCoy and Scotty, no other department heads have featured. It also looks as though Scotty has no spare engineering officers to fill in for him when he's off the ship.

Why do you view gender equality in the franchise as a conflict? I view it as an easily achievable improvement. Certainly a lot of women want to see a better representation of women on screen but surely that's a laudable goal? Would you view more women on screen in more diverse roles as a bad thing?
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