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Re: Drexler's Bring Enterprise To Netflix Campaign

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This was a response from the stuff (I think Jen) on the campaing page on facebook to Armando J. Arviso:"
Star Trek Enterprise Season 5 - Netflix campaign At the risk of repeating myself (and I really don't mind doing so) yes there is some real progress. Both Netflix and CBS have expressed a serious interest in this project, all of the actors are willing to sign on AND there seems to be no end of fan support. What needs to happen now, and this is what we are working on, is a cost analysis and presentation to both that this could be done on a "shoestring" budget. Obviously ships are easy in CGI, I do every render on a Macbook Pro sitting at my kitchen counter. Interiors could be greenscreened, and minimal sets would have to be manufactured. Robert Bolivar is writing up the proposal as I type this, and I am not sure when it's being presented to both parties, however, I will caution, things like this, are a HUGE undertaking and do not happen overnight, we may have to revise and revise and revise until we get something they like. Writing to CBS and Netflix, will certainly help and links were provided to both a while back, I'll ask Robert to put those back up again, and a letter writing campaign may be the next step."
I'm pretty sure no one will be doing renders in their kitchen on a Hollywood production. Pretty sure that would be against negotiated union contracts.

This isn't going to happen. CBS isn't going to do one of their premiere properties on the cheap and devalue it, especially when they're making money off of Abrams Trek doing absolutely nothing.

Essentially, this smells like bullshit.
This reminds me of back in the day when that one dude, whatever his name was, ripped off Enterprise fans of their pocket change to help pay for a fifth season and kept posting bullshit messages like the one above. "We've had talks with the studio. We're very close now." Right.
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