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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

Guardians of the Galaxy #3 was a good read, if lacking on action till the end. The message Star Lord broadcasts back out to the Spartax people was great and sure to lead to more conflict. On many possible fronts. The conversation about the Spartax guards wanting to serch the Guardians ship and get moving for fear of Thanos showing up looking for Gamora was a nice nod to the shadow he casts across the galaxy.

Savage Wolverine #6 - it was a light week so I went ahead and got this. The art by JoeMad wasn't as exaggerated on in the interiors as I've seen from him before. Also, the Editors Note at the start made me go "What the Hell, why not". It reads,"This story takes place sometime before last October. Don't get in a bind over continuity with it". I had to laugh at that. It also made more sense for the first arc how it starts a random 8 months ago, then Logan is dropped in but we still don't know when it is in relation to other events. Maybe this book is just going to be "fill in the gap" stories. Anyway, I found it an enjoyable enough read. The Spidey banter in the first pages was good, especially with Elektra. The mystery of what is going to be done with Lester aka Bullseye. I guess I'll read this arc as well now.

I don't know if anyone else reads many books from the other publishers but I'm enjoying X, issue #2 hit, from Dark Horse. Also, Harbinger Wars #3 from Valiant, that crossover event is going well. I'm enjoying all the Valiant stuff to date.

Edit: Just saw over at CBR boards where Journey into Mystery #655, featuring Sif as lead, is to be the last issue. That's two female led books Marvel has let go at 10 issues, Red She-Hulk being the other. Fearless Defenders just had issue #9 solicited....put it on watch.
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