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Re: Has anyone else noticed the major plot flaw in TWOK?

By the way, TWOK is still awesome! It's my favorite Trek movie to this day. I think it's easier for me to overlook some of the plot holes in this movie because the dialogue, the character and relationship moments, the acting, the score, directing, all of it made me actually care about these characters, care about what happens and actually made me interested in watching every moment of this film in comparison to some other Trek films. They reused footage and found ways around their budget, but they still made a film that's wonderful, left me on the edge of my seat, and in the end sobbing like a baby.

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How can a tiny torpedo terraform an entire planet? How can a torpedo programmed to restructure the surface of an existing planet spontaneously adapt its programming to create a planet (and implicitly even a star) out of nebular gas?
This never bothered me. It's a simple concept and yes it's far-fetched, but this is sci-fi (in some cases fantasy). A transporter scattering your molecules across the universe and bringing them back together is equally far-fetched in my mind. I'm just glad they explained the idea without excessive technobabble.

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How can the supposedly ingenious Khan fail to see through Spock's screamingly obvious "hours could seem like days" code?
This one has mildly bothered me over the years. Especially when you see Khan's reaction to Spock saying "by the book" in a strange way. His eyebrow kind of goes up, as if he's catching on to the fact that what Spock's saying is code for something else. But, it leads to some great fun later in the movie, so it's completely forgivable to me.

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Why did the Ceti eel just leave Chekov instead of killing him, which according to Khan was the inevitable result?
Now my thought on this was it had something to do with the Reliant Captain killing himself (and the eel inside of him). Some kind of instinct was triggered and the eel escaped Checkov. That's my guess anyway.

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Why does Scotty bring his bloody, dying cadet/nephew (depending on the cut) to the bridge instead of sickbay?
I agree with another person here that it was purely for dramatic effect. In this case, it wasn't a mistake or lazy writing. The scene could have easily been omitted and the story would still make sense. But this scene was intentionally added for the sole purpose of dramatic effect.

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And how in the seven hells of Mongo can Kirk say he's "never faced death" after losing Gary Mitchell, Edith Keeler, Sam and Aurelan, Miramanee, and his unborn child??????
I believe Kirk said "I've never faced death. Not like this." In a sense, every death we face is different. Spock was very special to Kirk, so he hadn't faced death "like this" before. Not to say that the other people you mentioned weren't special to Kirk. But I think he was saying this death hit him especially hard and in a unique way unlike other countless deaths he had experienced before. Also, since this was a reaction to his son's assessment of Kirk's obvious lingering shock and pain, Kirk was speaking emotionally here. Instead of saying, "No son, you're wrong. I've faced death throughout my life and career...just not like this," he said it a different way: "no [in a sense you're actually right], I haven't faced death. Not like this." And then it all sort of ties back nicely to the Kobayashi Maru. So to me, that was a lovely bit of writing.
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