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Re: J.J. Abrams enters The Twilight Zone

^That's a bit backwards. TWoK gives room for a much more heroic interpretation, while the newer movie tells the absolute least heroic of these interpretations, in a definite manner. So it can be shit, while TWoK is ambiguous thus not shit in a similar way. Unless you go by guilty until proven innocent, which would serve no purpose but move bad light away from the new movie, in an illogical manner. ST09 did a thing people didn't like while TWoK did not.

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There is no degrees in cheating or hacking and changing the program. If you do it you're just as guilty as anyone else who does it.
The post you quoted explained two different degrees of cheating, in utter clarity. Is it all crimes you think like that, or is there a personal thing for cheating? Any way it's not reasonable.

And I'm going to do something completely else now.

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