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Re: Why a reboot was necessary (IMHO)

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Personally, I would have done a full on reboot. No messing about.

None of this alternate universe stuff. I mean, it virtually is a full reboot - they just won't say it out loud.
Pretty much how I feel. Yes, Trek needed to be rebooted to be commercially viable, but instead of doing a clean reboot they're still clinging to the Prime Universe by thin threads with all this alternate timeline stuff and Nimoy Spock who has taken a solemn vow never to discuss his timeline, unless someone's asking. Then he'll make an exception just this once.
Without a full on reboot the left side of my brain still does the mental gymnastics of how this all fits into canon but the right side of the brain just tells me to shut up and watch the movie. All the little differences in treknology throb like a splinter stuck in my foot that I can't get out and I'm trying to ignore.

If they'd just pressed the restart button you could have had anything - (a female spock, a chimpanzee in sickbay...Klingons on roller skates) and it really wouldn't have mattered as long as it was a good movie.

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