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Re: What are you reading?

I just read Pulp by Charles Bukowski. It was a quick read, managed it on the train on my way to see The Stone Roses. I enjoyed it, although it seemed a little more awkward than his earlier novels.

It's a bizarre detective fantasy tale, musing on the importance (or unimportance to be more accurate) of his life, and I believe he was dying when he wrote it. And indeed it reads like a delirious death dream as his boozy, low-life private dick lurches from one fantastical surreal case to the next, employed by Death to track down an author who has escaped her grasp, and a mysterious man demanding he find the elusive Red Sparrow, amongst others.

Recommended to fans. If you haven't read a Bukowski novel, then pick up one of his earlier books first. I suggest Post Office or Factotum.
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