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Thank you BJ and Forbin

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Well, you guys all do great work. Now excuse my ignorance, as I don't work around photo editing or anything like that, but do you two (and anyone else who wants to share) "draw" those ships from scratch or do you use templates?

The reason I am asking is if there are templates involved, I would like to know so that maybe I can start learning on my own and create some ships myself. I would probably want to start out with 2-d, first, I imagine. So if you have any tips, I would be interested in your expertise, that is if you care to share it. If not, totally fine.
There is Neale "Vance" Davidson's Starship Toolkits -

There's also his old black and white versions - - scroll to the bottom.

That's an easy way to get started whipping ships together. You can start learning your photo edit skills slowly be cause you only need to do minor editing here and there rather than draw whole ships from scratch.
Thank you! This is exactly what I am looking for.
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