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Re: J.J. Abrams enters The Twilight Zone

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As seen, the claim that the original Kirk must have known overlooks his own post. I've forgotten whether we saw the new Kirk's reaction to "failing" the test. But the real point, inadvertently made to be sure, is that the test makes no sense if the student walks into it knowing, even in rough outline, what's going to happen that day. However, this doesn't make the two Kirks morally equivalent. It just demonstrates gross confusion on the part of the writers!
How could he reprogram the test if he didn't know he was taking it. And how accurate of a psychological test can it truly be if you can take it multiple times?

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan wrote:
SPOCK: The Kobayashi Maru scenario frequently wreaks havoc with students and equipment. As I recall you took the test three times yourself. Your final solution was, shall we say, unique?
Star Trek 2009 wrote:
MCCOY: You know, I've got better things to do than to watch you embarrass yourself for a third time. I'm a doctor, Jim, I'm busy.
KIRK: Bones, it doesn't bother you that no one's ever passed the test?
MCCOY: Jim, it's the Kobayashi Maru. No one passes the test, and no one goes back for seconds, let alone thirds.
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan wrote:
KIRK: I reprogrammed the simulation so it was possible to rescue the ship.
Star Trek 2009 wrote:
SPOCK: Cadet Kirk, you somehow managed to install and activate a subroutine to the programming code, thereby changing the conditions of the test.
You seem desperate to hang on could and would (which he never said 'could') instead of looking at what was actually said. Your biases have you making an argument that makes absolutely no sense.

I don't mean to offend anyone here, but twenty-year old dudes are mostly dicks. They think they own the world and nothing that they do is wrong. I seriously doubt Prime Jim Kirk is any different.

stj wrote:
Possibly, but that's a more or less counterfactual discussion of how the Abrams' crew should have written the character. I'm pretty sure they were mostly interested in showing Kirk seduce a woman and sneer at the testers. That seems to be a pleasurable experience for most and I don't see discussion changing that.
Actually, I hate the Academy portion of the 2009 movie. But my dislike doesn't make Prime Kirk's actions any less wrong concerning the Kobayashi Maru.
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