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Re: Fact-Checking Inside Star Trek: The Real Story

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Is it possible they confused a decision about the end title arrangement with the main title? There seems to be several variations on that as well.
No, the end title variations correspond to the main title ones -- after all, it would've made sense to record them in the same sessions.
You're right, but for some reason, they switched back to the 2nd season end titles for the last few episodes of the 3rd season.

Sadly none of the video releases restored the electric violin end titles to the episodes that had the e.v. main theme. When the DVDs stuck the first orchestration on the earlier episodes, they left the end credits as the cello version. Not counting Where No Man Has Gone Before, of course, which always carried it before TOS-R. I understand the DVD electric violin version placement isn't correct anyway.

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The soprano was heard in the main title for the first pilot, but dropped until season 2. They probably just misremembered the timing.
Strange they didn't have documentation for that. Or they were just so certain of their recollections, they didn't bother to check. However, it does seem they misremembered a few things about the music, specifically. Even though we have the CDs now, it was always easy to just pop in an episode to see what music went where and who composed it (i.e. Sandy Courage and the third season).
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