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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

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But the changes to gaming the success of XBox One will bring about will be monumental and horrible for gamers.

Only XBox One's failure to sell will be a good thing for gamers as a whole.
I don't entirely agree. I have no interest in purchasing an Xbox One as things stand because I find the DRM too restrictive, but some of the game sharing features they've mentioned are a step up on what we have now with the current digital distribution model. The ability to share games on your account with up to 10 "family" members (MS have confirmed they don't need to be actual family members), plus the ability to transfer your game licence to a friend (with caveats) are an improvement on Steam and other digital storefronts. If MS has some modest success then there'll be pressure on the likes of Steam to adopt similar features.

That being said, I still think the required internet connection and restrictions on disc-based games are asinine and I refuse to purchase the console for those reasons.

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You know.. that marketing guy is actually right. E3 is a special event and is attended by enthusiasts and hardcore gamers. Of course they will know more about this stuff and pay very close attention.

But Joe Schmoe clicking on Amazon links or wandering into the store? He doesn#t care a bit.. he sees pretty looking, cool games and is being told he needs the new console so he/she will buy it no questions asked.
That's what Microsoft is counting on, but I think they've miscalculated on that front.

Firstly, retailers like Gamestop aren't happy about the Xbox One's restrictions on used games as it's a threat to their business model, and there's already rumours of employees in their stores cautioning customers away from the console. Even if the company as a whole officially supports XBO, it's almost a certainty that they'll more heavily push the PS4 as there's more money there for them, so I imagine that the PS4 will have pride of place when you walk in the store and there'll be more shelf-space for PS4 games. At the very least they will be informing customers of the restrictions when they attempt to buy the console so as to limit the number of returns they receive.

Secondly, MS appears to have underestimated the importance of the hardcore gamers as early adopters. When a casual gamer is looking to purchase a new console a year or two down the line, one of the important criteria in that decision is which console their friends already have so that they can play multiplayer together, or trade games with one another. If the early adopters lean heavily in favour of the PS4, which appears likely right now, that will give Sony a big boost long-term.

Maybe Microsoft accounted for all this in their market research and they have a plan to overcome it all. But that's not the impression they're giving out at the moment, they appear to be genuinely taken aback by all the hate they received and are struggling to find a message to get the hardcore back. I hope they succeed enough to continue to provide competition to Sony, but that they take enough of a hit to back away from this anti-consumer crap in the future.
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