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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

Now for a few points…

- As with Lois & Clark, Man of Steel did a fantastic job of humanizing Clark Kent/Superman. He's not a larger-than-life superhero, he's almost your avarage joe. He's enough of a good guy without being a goody goody boy scout. And Cavill too serious?!? He's the least serious version of Superman ever. He plays more of a pragmatist with a touch of self-assured smart ass than the upstanding moralist we're used to. Robert Downey Jr. has spoiled people's palette for subtler flavors of fun.

- When Superman Returns came out, it seemed like they were trying to avoid any American patriotism with the "truth, justice and all that other stuff" line. I guess we're over that now with something that Superman says at the end.

It played into the afore mentined "average joe" characterization and I found it more frank than patriotic.

- I like how the movie plays fast and loose with Superman's identity. Like… "Yeah, I'm from Kansas, but don't bother following me around to see where I hang my cape."

- The scene where Jonathan Kent suggests to Clark that he should have let the bus full of kids drown caught my attention. Character assassination? I dunno. It could have been more of a passionate offhand comment intended to make a point rather than something he actually feels.

- Amy Adams captured Lois Lane very well. I'll put her up there with the best ones we've had so far.

- I liked that Michael Shannon wasn't channelling Terence Stamp and that Zod wasn't a cartoonish bad guy (all the time).

- I'm glad they didn't forget about Chloe.

- Fun Fact: Alessandro Juliani played Dr. Emil Hamilton on Smallville and in this movie, plays someone who assists Dr. Emil Hamilton, played by Richard Schiff.

- The movie really brought Kryptonian technology to life and made use of it. I also liked how everything was Giger-esque and reminiscent of Alien, Riddick and Dune.

- I still don't like laser eyes, but they put enough effort into making it look good that I didn't mind it too much.

- Kevin Smith didn't like Superman Returns and referred to it as the arthouse version of Superman. I can't wait to hear how he feels about this one. It's even more "arthouse" in parts.

- There was a lot of setup for Lex Luthor to step forward in the next movie.

- I wonder if Earth humans are supposed to be a long lost offshoot of Kryptonians. And what if all that talk about humanity following Kal-El is a reference to him leading everyone to their full Kryptonian-like potential, like the savior/master leading others to salvation/enlightenment.

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