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Re: Been thinking its time to try Doctor Who

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Of all the 'introductory episodes' Rose, Smith and Jones, and The Eleventh Hour, Rose is the weakest by far, however it is clearly the best one to use to introduce someone to the concept of the show.

Say what you like about RTD (and anyone whose been on this forum a long time knows I wasn't always his biggest fan and is, at heart, more of a Team Moffat kind of guy) but the way he brought the show back is a masterclass in how to bring a huge franchise with a ton of history back without completely rebooting it. He stripped Doctor Who back to its bare essentials (alien in a time travelling box that's bigger on the inside), hooked a whole generation of kids (and probably a lot of their parents who may not have seen the original show) and then slowly drip fed the wider history/mythos of the show as the years progressed.

Star with Rose, just make it clear the show gets a lot better
Agreed, but I'd like to know a little about the OP's tastes and sensibilities. My preferred recommendation is always to start with An Unearthly Child; oddly enough, the best "introductory" episode to Doctor Who.
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