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Re: The CW Releases First Tomorrow People Trailer

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Never saw the original show, but whenever I hear it mentioned, I inevitably think of a similarly named kids show from my childhood.
Disney broadcast the first season of The Girl from Tomorrow stitched together as a movie back in the 90's. I rather enjoyed it, though I thought it was a tad lame.
Even as a kid I thought the first season was naff, but the second season really hooked my attention. It had time travel, a post-apocalyptic Australia (I had just seen Mad Max 2 around the same time) even a kind of mythos surrounding the future history.

Small aside, but do they even make shows like this anymore? Yeah I know it's cheep and nowhere near as good as child me thought it was, but when my nephew and nieces are over and watching TV the only thing even close to this was the Sarah Jane show. I'm thinking things like Centry Falls, Archer's Goon, The Borrowers etc. Perhaps there is and I'm just not aware of it.
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