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Re: My thoughts on and gripes with Star Trek Into Darkness

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I've heard this a couple of times and really don't get it. When you click with someone you care about them, whether you've known them one year or fifteen.
It is to do with the understanding/appreciation the audience have for the relationship.

In WoK, Kirk and Spock had previously been through a lot. We know and appreciate their strong friendship. As such, we can understand the devastation shown by Kirk for Spock's sacrifice.

In the new film, Kirk and Spock seem to be arguing all the time. I'd hardly call them 'friends' as they just about tolerate each other. After only two films of getting to know them, to mimic the famous warp core scene is forced and tbh lazy writing imo.

Is Hollywood so devoid of original stories?
Originality is overrated when it comes to entertainment. It can result in something great but it is hardly a guarantee of such.

As for the scene vs length of friendship issue, I didn't read Spock's anguish as forced. He's mourning the loss of what might have been, having had just enough of a taste of its potential. Add to that all the other things he's had to cope with in the two films (and the revealing statement he makes in the civilian ship) and it becomes clear that this Spock is facing emotional trauma on a scale unmatched by Nimoy's Spock--and at an earlier, less experienced and mature point in his life. His inability to reign in the emotions--more powerful than human versions--is thus quite understandable.
Overrated perhaps, but desirable.

For me, it was a fairly lazy ending. Kirk could have done all manner of other things as an act of self sacrifice to demonstrate his 'growing up'.

It seemed that the only reason they killed him was just to have the rebooted core/radiation scene. As mentioned previously, we all know Kirk (as the main protagonist) can't die. Why bother to do this? Just to watch Spock be upset? The solution to his death was sloppy and short sighted.

Don't get me wrong I thought it was a good action film. Looked and sounded great. I just get the feeling that if you are going to go to the trouble of a reboot, you might as well have new/original ideas.
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