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Re: E3 2013 Discussion

I know the Wii-U does not have a lot of games, but i have found i actually play the Wii-U games i have to the end before i start the next one, and draining every drop of enjoyment out of them, i have only really done that with a few games over these many years on the other two consoles, Infamous/ LBP/Crackdown/Prince of Persia.

I don't know if its the lack of games that makes you do it, or that i simply like the gamerpad, and the motion contollers, or is it the game are actually fun to play rather than feeling obliged to play them because you spent money on them, as i have felt with a lot of the ps3/360 games.

Or maybe i am simply becoming a lot more of a casual gamer, i don know, cant really put my finger on it, maybe less is indeed more.

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