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I think the movie has a lot of flaws and if they stop you from liking it then that's fine. However if other people can overlook the flaws and inconsistencies and blatant homeage then why aren't their opinions as valid as yours.
For me, a movie becomes "bad" when something in it takes me out of the movie experience. I starting thinking about the flaw, and not the movie. For me, the flaws in ST didn't take me out of the film, so I'm more forgiving of them.
Its OK not to like it but its OK for others to like it.

'Naked Now' took me out of TNG for years. I still hate it. Yet lots of people like TNG and 'Naked Now'. That's OK - it was my loss. As the years have progressed I'm getting over it and even like some Season 1 of TNG

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I just don't know how you can say you're a Trek fan and not enjoy Into Darkness on at least some level.
Some people are only 24th century fans.

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For me, Spock yelling "Khaaan!!!!" or running down the street like a dork destroys my suspension of disbelief in a way that thinking "Gee, wasn't Checkov not on the Enterprise during Space Seed?" doesn't.
I agree with others that Nimoy used to 'run like a girl' in TOS on the few occasions he did run.
It was adorable
Myself and CorporalCaptain in another thread thought he looked like an albatross ready to take flight! (still adorable...)
I thought it was just me
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