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Re: John Harrison was more interesting than (SPOILER)

I made a point of not reading any spoilers on STID before going to see it.

So I started off more or less enjoying it (glossing over the starship under water issue and blatant violation of the Prime Directive by letting the primitive species survive). When they started building up John Harrison, I liked the idea of a S31 operative gone rogue, with shedloads of advanced and classified technology at his disposal and trying to work out what his plan was.

Then came the reveal. I actually let slip an anguished groan in the cinema. From that point on the film dropped, then when they start reading the script for TWOK it plummetted.

I don't mind the concept of rebooting Trek, but make it a clean reboot rather than just rehashing old plots. What's Star Trek 13 going to be? A retelling of "The Naked Time"--this time with more flesh on screen?
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