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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

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I'm a 360 owner and, unless Sony drop the ball somehow, I'll probably be purchasing a PS4. The Xbox One just doesn't appear to be good value due to all the DRM stuff, the higher price, and it's weaker system specs. My current plan is to wait until a few months after launch to get it, but I might be persuaded to preorder it if I find a really good deal.

Owain Taggart wrote: View Post
What I'm really curious about is, what did MS's market research tell them? Honestly, I want to know, because they've made every conceivable mistake to piss off gamers, and they only seem to be digging themselves into a hole each time they speak.
Their marketing chief, Yusuf Mehdi, explained their thinking in this article:

I think it's fair to say there's a segment of consumers at this show in particular who really pay attention, who are very passionate about all aspects of gaming, and that we listen to closely. In a broader set of community, people don't pay attention to a lot of the details. We've seen it in the research, we've seen it in a lot of the data points.
So it seems like their marketing research told them that the hardcore gamers wouldn't like it but most consumers wouldn't bother to find out about the DRM before buying, so they decided to go for it. They may be right about that, consumers can be pretty stupid. But their mass cancelling of press interviews at E3 indicates that the backlash was larger than they expected and they're struggling to overcome the bad PR.
You know.. that marketing guy is actually right. E3 is a special event and is attended by enthusiasts and hardcore gamers. Of course they will know more about this stuff and pay very close attention.

But Joe Schmoe clicking on Amazon links or wandering into the store? He doesn#t care a bit.. he sees pretty looking, cool games and is being told he needs the new console so he/she will buy it no questions asked.

Many, if not most people, have internet connections so connecting once a day is irrelevant for them. They'll also not be much into trading off games so there goes the second point.

This is what MS aims at.. they know they will have a bad standing with the hardcore group and are trying their best to spin it and reduce the backlash lest average and less informed potential customer doesn't get any funny ideas and switches over to a competitor, i.e. Sony.

Question is will the DRM actively hamper the average customer? If that starts to happen, i.e. the stereotypical "Oh.. my internet cut out.. let's play some games! - WTF????" (similar to the RROD fiasco with the 360) then they may get into trouble.

MS doesn't employ dumb people.. they do their homework and they look at the current lifestyle and they have designed the XBO to work within that lifestyle. Question is if that gamble pays off and to what extent they are willing to piss off potential customers so they can still grab the majority of the potential buyers.

No matter what people say here or at IGN/Gamespot/the million other video gaming sites.. the XBO will most likely be a success and Sony won't dominate the market like the did during the PS1 and PS2 days. That's over once MS established itself in the market and permanently grabbed a piece of the pie.
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