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Re: Spielberg Predicts 'Implosion' of Film Industry

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As for the second point about variable ticket prices can't see that working. Not if the top end is as high as say US$25, the question is what price is the consumer willing to pay. Do they say want to pay US$25 to see it once or wait until it comes out on Blu-ray and pay a similiar amount to see it any time they want.
I think you'd find that the market would have a high tolerance for paying more to see big budget films. Especially if this paradigm also delayed release of the films on physical media, or if prices of disks were tied to budgets.

I think far more likely, though, will be the emergence of boutique theaters. People will pay more to sit in a nice theater with leather seats, dinner, drinks, etc... A place where "no cell phones" is actually enforced, and where you can get an experience unparalleled from home. I have a 124" projector screen in my living room, so I only go to the theater to see films that are truly worth the theatrical experience these days. Everything else can wait for BD, where I can pause my movie to go refill my wine/beer or flip over my steak on the grill.
And that's exactly why high prices are very unrealistic these days.

Everytime buddies and me go to the movie we kind of feel ripped off by the ticket alone.. especially if it's 3D and there's absolutely no need for it.
Case in point Iron Man 3.. there exactly one sequence in the movie that works in 3D and it's about 1-2 minutes long but i still pay the markup for the 3D (and there was no 2D version at the time) for the whole movie.

Together with other unpleasantries like dirty floors (seriously people.. why is the floor looking like a warzone everytime the movie is over?), cellphone idiots, people who take their small kids to the movies to save up on the babysitter etc. it's no wonder people tend to skip the theater and wait for the video release so they can comfortably sit at home on their comfy couch, enjoy reasonably priced junk food and soda and have some friends over.

Specialty theaters like you mention sound good but the ticked prices would be insane.. it would have to be comparable to theater or opera prices and who wants to pay upwards of 50 bucks for a movie they don't know if it's good (granted.. if it's an unknown play or the actors are crap you run the risk too).

So no.. variable movie prices won't work. The studio just need to stop having inflated production costs. I get why a big budget movie like Avengers might break the 200 million mark with so many name actors and high investment costs for everything around it but today it seems it became the norm to break the 100-150 million mark for movies where i actually don't see a difference visually to a movie that cost half of it.

So stop moaning and get us quality movies and we will gladly pay to see it.. give us crap and we'll maybe rent the video or wait until it's aired for free on TV in about 2-3 years.
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