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Re: Why a reboot was necessary (IMHO)

I agree Trek needed a reboot. Having watched all series or Trek I think I know where Trek went wrong. Like so many others have said Star Trek became boring and formulaic.

1960's TOS has a charming simplicity to it. It's not perfect but enjoyable to watch. I don't think Timeless is to strong a word to describe how I and my friends feel about it.

1980's-1990's TNG: Improves on the TOS formula but doesn't copy TOS. I actually like the first 2 seasons of TNG because it felt like the creative team was taking risks and trying to find a formula. After that TNG did improve but you knew what to expect from it. If you like TNG it's because of the characters and the situations they are put it.

1990's DS9: Here is where the biggest change happened. DS9 takes the franchise in a whole new direction from it's predecessors. It was risky and people didn't receive it well. But by season 3 the bugs were largely ironed out and DS9 powered through to tell it's own unique story. Like TNG it focuses on seeing characters work their way through problems. Although DS9 it was more like you lived with these character's day to day. Superb.

1990's-2000's VOY: Another attempt to take the franchise is a new direction. While the premise was bold, and the set up staked out conflict. It all fell apart shortly. Like TNG and DS9, the first two seasons of VOY were underwhelming. By season 3 the show became TNG-lite. While TNG is responsible for starting this trend. The creative team of VOY relied on it to get there show through it's paces. Things got worse and or better when 7 of 9 was added to the show. B'Ellanna, Tuvok, Chakotay and Neelix all seemed to fade into the background with her addition. While Tom Paris was the resident authority on everything. How important was his job on Voyager when even Wesley was shown to be competent enough to pilot a ship. Harry Kim was Voyager's punching bag and resident death victim. So he stuck around for those reasons. Janeway and The Doctor took up everything that 7 of 9 didn't have. While this trend disappeared at the later part of season 6 through season 7. VOY's story is uninspiring and boring. The audience knew VOY would get home. TNG broke through and became a pop culture sensation, DS9 changed the game in the Trekverse, VOY just kind of did it's own thing which was something we had already seen...

2000's ENT: Just can't leave the TNG formula alone can you? First two season summed up right there. Made worse by the EXTREMELY forced Kirk/Spock/Bones dynamic that was copied for Archer, T'Pol and Trip, with a bonus of SEXUAL TENSION. Woooo. Temporal Cold War attempts to be clever but is really out of place in the first two seasons. Finally someone lit a fire in Berman and Braga's asses. The Xindi arc being like a defibrillator placed on the chest of the franchise and shocked back to life. While the parallels to 9/11/ muslim jihadist/ culture misunderstanding messages were forced and grating at times. The arc did work and it's conclusion was satisfying. Just get rid of that toe rag Daniels telling Archer how important he is when he really isn't. Season 4 being everything a prequel Trek series should've been from the start but by then it was too late to save the series. It's a shame because ENT started to turn itself around to something admirable.

JJ's Trek is purely for entertainment. Star Trek like any series/film property has that primary goal to be entertaining. So far JJ has succeeded at that. The public and fans like his films because they are entertaining. Is he doing anything radically different than what we've previously seen? Not really, but the spectacle outweighs the substance when it comes to JJtrek. Which is enough to inspire confidence to see more of it.
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