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Re: TNG Caption This! 316: Brace for Comedy!

Alien: These crappy hand dryers are the same in every star system.
Tasha: Wipe hands on pants.

RIKER: You are the most beautiful Batman in the galaxy. You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to tell you that.
GUINAN: But Batman was afraid.
GUINAN: Of Batman?
RIKER: Of Batman. Of what Batman might become.
WESLEY: Uh, Batman—
RIKER: Or that you might think Batman was a line.
GUINAN: Maybe I do think Batman’s a line.
RIKER: Then you think I’m not Batman.
GUINAN: I didn’t say Batman. There’s nothing wrong with a Batman. It’s like a Batman at the door.
RIKER: Then you’re inviting Batman in.
GUINAN: I’m not sending Batman away.
RIKER: That’s more Batman than I expected.
GUINAN: Is it as much Batman as you hoped?
RIKER: To hope is to recognize the Batman. I had only the Batmobile.
GUINAN: The Batmobile can be dangerous.
RIKER: Not this Batmobile. I dream of a galaxy where your eyes are the Batman and the universe worships the Dark Night.
GUINAN: Careful. Putting me on a pedestal so high, your bat signal may not be able to reach Batman.
RIKER: Then I’ll learn how to fly. You are the bulge in my tights and the bats in my cave.
WESLEY: I don’t think Batman is my style.
GUINAN: Shut up, Dick! Grayson.
[turns to RIKER]
GUINAN: Tell me more about - my Batcave.

Data: Worf, perhaps you should see the Ultraviolet scan before you enter the room.

Worf: Never show me the UV!

Picard: One day you'll be captain, Will. And on that day you will understand the choice between a weak posture and nut wedgies.

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