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Re: Has anyone else noticed the major plot flaw in TWOK?

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. . . Not to mention that there's no way the explosion of a planet would've caused the next planet inward to somehow get pulled outward in its orbit and exactly duplicate the orbital parameters of the exploded planet -- not only orbital radius, but eccentricity, inclination, and argument of perihelion, or at least close enough that it would be exactly where Starfleet records said it would be a full 15 (or 18) years later.
And how in hell does a planet just blow up, anyway?

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Christopher wrote:
It's still a ridiculously simplistic code. I can't believe Starfleet doesn't have more sophisticated, less improvisational code protocols for communication on open channels. Come on, a fourth-grader could see through that one.
Who says they don't? That doesn't mean simpler codes can't be used. And Khan was hardly the only person fooled. Saavik realized Kirk and Spock were speaking in code only after Kirk cited the regulation pertaining to open-channel communication, the same Saavik who made a point to quote every rule in the book earlier in the film.
Which makes both Khan and Saavik seem incredibly stupid.
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