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Re: Destiny: Lost Souls by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Uh, Riker was right in "The Last Outpost" regarding the Ferengi as idiots. Don't romanticize diversity. Their whole society is based on swindling those they couldn't steal from or conquer or oppress or, well, eat - remember, the Ferengi weren't supposed to be comical at first. Just because they managed to develop warp doesn't make them equals any more than Nazi Germany was just as valid at mid-century America. If you're saying that it's just their way to be...basically assholes, and they can't change being that way, I find that a perverse interpretation of cultural diversity. Is there something special about us humans that we can let go of slavery and treating women like property that other beings simply can't come to?
It's the "It's easy to be perfect in a world of Replicators and Holodecks" as that's the Bread and Circuses of the 24th century. I like to think Season 1 reflects a time in Star Trek when humans have gotten slightly arrogant about their place in the universe. Q, in his Omnipotent TeacherTM role, shakes them out of this complacency. The Borg, Dominion War, and so on teach them humility.
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