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Re: Why a reboot was necessary (IMHO)

I absolutely agree that Trek needed a reboot, even for those of us that loved the other series back in their day. To me, Trek, in its original core, was about adventure and leaping into the unknown, excitement, danger as Kirk and crew faced new adventures ... a western-style frontier adventure, with the bizarreness of a sci-fi Twilight Zone episode thrown in from time to time, something I felt got lost in the later Treks - I actually loved the first two seasons of TNG, because they still had that "out there, bizarre adventures" feel to them - remember when Q made Riker a Q, and had the crew fight "pig men" dressed in French Revolutionary outfits on a contructed world? Loved that bizarre stuff!

Trek had lost some of that "adventure" element over time ... it became about politics, and diplomatic negotiations that get interrupted, or studying quasars, or preventing a war through impassioned speeches ... all of which were important elements of TOS, but they weren't the core focus, in my opinion - the focus was on exploring, and bizarre or unusual sci-fi adventures! This new movie manages to touch on some of those relevent themes that make us think, but never slows down its pace to lose us as an audience wanting a good adventure like the original series ... these two films have highly entertained me ... I'm excited again to watch Trek for the first time in almost 15 years! Sure, there are plot holes, but I like the action-adventure feel of new Trek, while still holding onto the roots (exploring a new world, Prime Directive debates while running for their lives, etc) - the "fun" in Trek is back!
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