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Re: Why a reboot was necessary (IMHO)

Dear God that was a long read. Didn't finish it.

Trek needed to be rebooted because the core of what it is needed to be redone in a more contemporary style with the better cinematographic technologies available now.

The 60's series is great but only old timers find it all endearing. My first introduction to it was in my teens, and while I liked it, I had to "ignore" a lot of the 60's tropes in it to enjoy it more.

On the other hand, TNG, my favorite series had such an impact on me, that I clearly remembered thinking in my teens "this is how the future will be!".

Yet I look back on it, and now find myself casually ignoring some of the 80's tropes in it, and thinking "wow I thought that was going to be the future? what was I on"

The new generation could never get into either series now, it's too far apart from what the world currently is now. JJ Trek is reflective of today's cinema.
Reimagining Trek to be more contemporary is a plus for me even if it's less cerebral.
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