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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

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I'm thinking this would pretty much have to be life for some of the highest ranking members. I'm mainly talking about the people who would have actually descided to try to wipe out the entire Changeling race, and murder the Federation President.
The Changeling plague always struck me as informed villainy. Due to the circumstances of the setting, Odo is the youngest member of their race and all of the Founders are guilty of war crimes (specifically unprovoked invasion of sovereign nations--which most of the Nazis were charged with) given their mind meld means ALL of them approved of it but Odo.

Thus, genocide against the Founders is merely a legitimate act of war since their entire race (but Odo) is involved. It's not as cut and dry as murdering the Daleks but it's a far more complicated action than people make it out to be. It also renders the Female Changeling's lone war crimes trial to be a farce of justice given she's nothing more than the Fall guy for hundreds of millions of deaths IN ADDITION to the genocide of Cardassia.

Anyway, a beautiful beautiful ending to the Borg War.

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