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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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There will be a third nuTrek film
Yes there will. Glad that is settled.

but with the movie under performing Paramount's expectations,
With the scale of the disappointment likely far less grand than some might wish, thankfully.

and the studio higher ups being irked by the Star Wars thing,
Do we have any evidence of this "being irked" or might this constitute further wishful thinking?

there's still hope JJ won't be doing the next movie.
A rather tiny shred of hope, though, and held onto by a pretty small group of people, in light of the exceedingly strong evidence* that many, many more people have an opposite (and rather more likely) "hope" in this matter.

*evidence being the excellent critical review ratings in the high 80s at Rotten Tomato, along with the very, very positive word of mouth from people who've seen the movie. Lest anyone think I was making it up.

Really though, Abram's isn't as big of a problem as Orci. That's the guy that we really need to get away from Trek.
"We" don't "need" anything of the kind. "You" might. But you are hardly in a position to invoke the "royal We" in terms of accurately representing the "needs of the many".
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