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Re: Has anyone else noticed the major plot flaw in TWOK?

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So no, our working knowledge of space is not that limited, because for Pete's sake you can just look up and see it, and astronomers spend their whole careers doing just that. We can see galaxies that are billions of light-years away, because there is nothing in the way to block our view. One of the fundamental defining properties of outer space is that it's really, really empty.
I'm sorry if I wasn't clear on this point. What I meant is that even though we've learned a great deal about outer space, there are many things we still don't know. For all the planets- be they actual or theoretical- that have been charted, we still don't know if any of them support life of a sophistication comparable to our own. That's what I meant in stating that our knowledge is limited.

Christopher wrote:
It's still a ridiculously simplistic code. I can't believe Starfleet doesn't have more sophisticated, less improvisational code protocols for communication on open channels. Come on, a fourth-grader could see through that one.
Who says they don't? That doesn't mean simpler codes can't be used. And Khan was hardly the only person fooled. Saavik realized Kirk and Spock were speaking in code only after Kirk cited the regulation pertaining to open-channel communication, the same Saavik who made a point to quote every rule in the book earlier in the film. If a Starfleet cadet can miss the obvious, why not a deranged psychopath?

Christopher wrote:
That's actually a decent retcon. But the real-world truth is that it was just sloppy writing, or at least writing with little regard for past continuity.
I agree, Christopher. And I think it's unfortunate that Nick Meyer ignored a number of things in Trek continuity when he put TWOK together. I'd be interested in knowing how you'd have written TWOK differently. I don't mind setting aside a few hours to read your explanation. I've read a few of your books and plan to read more of them. Why should this be any different?

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