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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

Hello Everyone,

Real name is Monique, I'm 38, single, and a children's librarian who lives in Ontario, Canada. I've always loved science fiction and fantasy and needing the company of like-minded people, started attending local sci-fi conventions and gradually was drafted into helping run them. Hence my signature!

I just joined the TrekBBS recently and it was mainly for the Enterprise forum. I began watching when it premiered and then they lost me, for one reason or another. I caught an episode in Season 3 that hinted at the budding romance of T/T and they had me hooked again. As I mentioned in one of the threads, a girlfriend steered me in this direction after I had revealed that I'd become a huge T/T fan. She particularly pointed out the TRIP.NOT.DEAD. avatars! I'm not sure who came up with the idea but its genious. :thumbsup:

I've already had a couple of great people give me a rundown of the basics of the forum, including how to post avatars - I'm working on a Photobucket account so I can provide one!
I wish I had discovered you all much earlier in the game - it would have been fabulous to share in all the fun.

Thanks for listening - now back to your regular scheduled programming.
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