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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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Even though I bang on about wanting more women and in general prefer women characters I give Star Trek a pass on the male main leads. That is just TOS for you. Kirk and Spock were a duo the way Picard and Riker never were, chemistry and writing just made some magic with those two. I think JJ is doing some stuff towards putting more women into the supporting characters and I also think he could have made a much bigger effort in this film. Yes there are 5 (?) women at the table when the special meeting is called (someone posted a pic with them numbered, might be more). But they are still a distinct minority. And when Kirk and Spock run up to talk to Marcus about Khan being on Chronos he is having a meeting with about 7 other people he dismisses. All of those people are men. That's just silly. How hard would it be to make half of them women? I look at this and think, didn't JJ notice?

So he has a way to go just visually IMO. But I'm totally cool with this being the Kirk and Spock show, that's what I'm here for.
In the special meeting at Daystrom there were Admirals, Captains and First Officers - also, some of them either died or where injured (including one woman in the leg) when Khan attacked - the officers in the special meeting with Marcus when Kirk and Spock interrupt might be some of the survivors or replacements (but just happen to be all men). Also, at the time, before Kirk and Spock inform Marcus that Khan is on Kronos, it was believed that Khan was still either on Earth or in federation space - maybe Marcus was having more than one meeting with officers of different regions.
I get the impression that Marcus' interrupted meeting was with the upper echelons which were all male.
It wasn't the upper echelons, it was just the captains and first officers of al the ships that were in the sector at that time. For all we know it Khan had blow the archive up a week earlier the meeting could have had more women then men, or hell been mostly non-human.

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Uhura stares down a Klingon warrior in his own language and eventually stabs him in the leg when the shit hits the fan;
Oh that was the guy's leg, I though she may have stabbed something lower, more to the center and probably more important to males at least than that (assuming Klingons have those in the same place as humans).

You know we really need a wince emote.
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