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Re: E3 2013 Discussion

Went to the first two days of e3, skipped day 3. Kinect was impressive and they had a whole fake living room to demo it Sony is pimping the shit out of their indy games and probably had the highest number of games to try. Aside from that both booths were ok. The Nintendo booth was kind of sad. Aside from the lines for the new mario kart and a couple of other games, the only people trying out Wii-U were company reps. All three Wii-U games I tried, The disney one (looks really cool for kids), Scribblenauts Unlimited (really fun), and some Sonic game (meh) had no one on them but the rep. So when you walk by it looks like there's someone at every station, but then if they notice you watching they demo the game for you. So basically they're asked to play the game when no one is on so it doesn't look so sad. When I went to try the Wario game the Nintendo rep was sitting there swiping at a blank screen just to look active. I ended up deciding not to disturb him. What's extra sad is that the Nintendo booth probably had the lowest total of games of the big three. A Majority of their floor was covered with statues for photo ops, a game show in the center and an empty area for a dance central demo team.
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