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Re: Rumors of a Special Surprise for the Anniversary

There are three views on The Web Planet:
1) "It's brilliant!" This was usually said by people who were eight in 1965, and they kept saying it until the 1980s, when they got to see it again.
2) "It's awful." This was said by people who'd grown up taking the word of group one, and then saw it for themselves in the 1980s.
3) "It doesn't work, but it was worth trying" This is now said by sensible people, including those from group one, group two, and group born later. (Some people also add "And it might just have worked if it had had a different director. Like Douggie Camfield. Or Derek Martinus. Or...")
"Some days are better than others. They say that where I come from."
"Loudly, I imagine, on the day you left."
(Blake's 7 - Rumours of Death)
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