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Re: Predict who will be cast as the 12th Doctor

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Some Americans protested at Batman, Spider-Man and Superman all being played by Brits, but people got over it, and now no-one cares. All that matters is the talent and dedication of the actor, and not where he is from .
And why do you think they had to find non-Americans to play those parts? (And so, so many others.) Because American actors are shit compared to those from the UK.
There is no need to be offensive and insulting toward nationalitites. We have Robert Downey Jr. playing Sherlock Holmes in the movies . Do you think that American actors like Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks, and Robert De Niro are not talented? British actors come to the states and aggressively pursue roles, and so they feature a lot in our TV and movies, and they tend to call for lower salaries, which contributes to their success here. It isn't because British actors are superior.
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