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Re: Why Let Khan Live?

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Look at it this way, would you give a group of Hitlers, Stalins, and Napoleons their very own world? Seems to me it'd be safer just to waste them all.
This is called a "human rights violation." (Or, I suppose in the world of Star Trek, a "sentients' rights violation.") People have the right to live, even if they are monsters; killing someone is only acceptable in the act of immediate self-defense or the immediate defense of others.
Killing a megalomaniac and his followers who have a history of oppressing and killing others and who have shown intent to do so again would constitute killing "in the immediate defense of others" in my book. Sometimes human rights are revocable. Just ask a holocaust survivor what he/she would think about applying your philosophy to someone like Hitler. A wild animal cannot be reasoned with; sadly, the best solution is to have it put down. Khan is a defective mutation, an engineered virus to the body of civility. You don't protect a virus, you seek ways to neutralize and then annihilate it.
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