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Re: J.J. Abrams enters The Twilight Zone

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I love how nobody is actually addressing his points.
When something is so outta left field I'm not sure what the point of debating is. Yesterday I was talking with a friend about the film The Shining and we both had different readings on it but neither of us were acting like we were seeing totally different films. With RJ and stj, and frankly yourself, I feel like saw a different film from me and are arguing from a very dishonest viewpoint. I'm not a huge STID fan. It's a B grade film. Good but I'm not dying to see it again so I'm not some insane defender of it.

I don't have a doctorate in film but I'm pretty good at discussing it and the discussion here is so completely bizarre that I'm not even sure how to respond to them and I don't know that they even deserve responses. Because what's happening here isn't just criticism but hatred and hatred should be held for films that are hateful and not just films we don't like. It's not just an overreaction but it sometimes comes as a series of personal attacks against the creators which is not only nasty but extremely entitled.

It reminds me of the attacks against Lena Dunham's Girls. I'm not a fan of the show, not my thing, but the attacks against her are nasty and needlessly personal. Scenes from the show are twisted and interpreted in dishonest ways just to be mean to to Lena Dunham. It's very destructive towards art. I'm an extremely harsh critic but the attacks I see against Abrams are beyond the pale and cross lines. It's bothersome, to be honest. Damon Lindelof gets death threats because of the ending of LOST and I feel like some Star Trek fans are headed down the same path with the way they treat Abrams.
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