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Re: Generations was...

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The Enterprise-D was the best design of all the various Enterprises, and destroying it was the worst part of GENERATIONS. Even Kirk's death wasn't as stupid. I'm still disappointed that Starfleet didn't give Picard an identical replacement the way they did with Kirk when he lost his first Enterprise. The Enterprise-E is easily the ugliest ship ever seen in Star Trek
Agreed, Randy. And about the Enterprise E too. Internally and externally, I've never understood why people champion it. The Enterprise-D was a superior design in nearly every quantifiable way.
I have to agree/disagree with you guys on the D/E.

Exterior: Looked ungainly and misshapen from too many angles.
Interior: Looked too much like an 80's hotel lobby.

Exterior: Looked fast and scary from many angles.
Interior: Here is where you get my agreement. E was too dark inside.
See, the trouble with that is that the Enterprise (in my opinion) shouldn't look fast and scary.

I think AlignmentX said it best in the post just below mine:
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The Enterprise-E design would be OK-ish (well, tolerable) if it was meant to be a big sister of the Intrepid class or something like that. As an Enterprise... No. It's just a very mid '90s 'badass' design that isn't right for a peaceful exploration starship that the Enterprise lineage represents.
Pretty much sums up my thoughts.
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