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Looking for a sim where YOU are most important?

I know you hear it every day.. These positions are open, these ships are available, and this fleet is looking for ships and players..

Well, I'm here to try and break those boundries..
I'm Rear Admiral JadziaLorraine from Serenity Fleet ( and I'm Task Force Commander of Task Force Firefly ( and I have some wonderful opertunities for someone who's just getting started, experienced or looking for some fun!

USS Venture - an invite only sim.. think you've got what it takes?? Contact me at for more information!

USS Atlantis - A slightly different sim.. mostly non-player charachters that everyone gets to play!

USS Thumbtack - If you're looking for fun you've found your stop! The USS Thumbtack is a Spoof sim.. nothing serious here except having fun! (CAUTION: this sim is rated R with some x rated postings no one under 18 may join.)New and experienced players are welcome!

USS Star - Great sim looking for good people! Check them out at:

The last two sims are NEW and need all types of people!!
USS Valkyrie
Starbase Valhalla

And as always we're looking for ships that want to join our mission.. if you'd like more details Email me at or Y! IM Jadzialorraine

Thanks for your attention, feel free to contact me at any time.. about anything!!
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