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Re: Rumors of a Special Surprise for the Anniversary

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I like it well enough, not a favorite, but, I don't dislike watching it

If I was gonna give up surviving episodes in exchange for lost ones, I'd give up the 4 of Reign of Terror and The Gunfighters 4 episodes
But Reign isnt existing, its Recovered! I remember when it was missing and how I schemed to get copies when those 4 eps turned up!
Oh, I don't discriminate. If it exists, I call it surviving, wether it survived the purge or turned up after the purge (I don't have brain space to keep track of the details other than what's still missing, LOL). I should have said "existing", I forgot the level of knowledge I am dealing with her
The irritating thing is that Reign of Terror 3 & 6 are among the dozen or so episodes (taking 1980 as Year Zero, and restricting it to Hartnell and Troughton, as a lot of Pertwees that existed in B&W then turned up in colour) that have been double-recovered. The Web Planet makes another six of them (but the existing copies of 1 & 6 were edited, so we at least got something back when the dupes turned up)...
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